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Yoghurt delights at Cravingz | Ahmedabad

What you see - Nestled among the various red and blue denim outlets off the Commerce Six Roads in Ahmedabad, is the Cravingz yoghurt dispensers, Ahmedabadbrightly lit Cravingz with a zee in it. Tagged “Flirt with flavours”, it entices you inside. Unlike any other hole-in-the-wall ice cream joint that you have on every other street, Cravingz serves non-fat premium frozen yoghurt and a range of iced teas to go with it. A one-of-its-kind outlet in Ahmedabad (and probably Gujarat), Cravingz aims to introduce yoghurt into the Indian food culture. It also brings in the concept of self service.

What you get - No bigger than an average sized badminton court, Cravingz is home to over 200 flavors of yoghurt and 250 varieties of add-ons to top it up with. As you saunter in through the transparent hydraulic doors, you are greeted by a gamut of mood-elevating colors splashed on the walls. Lamps in the shape of inverted martinis on steroids light up the store while the overhead air-conditioning chambers deliver the much needed respite from the sweltering heat. The greens, yellows and blues from the neatly arranged tables match the yoghurts that leak through the dispensers mounted on the pink and purple wall. A small table next to this wall houses the empty cups.

On any given day, a customer can choose from 10 flavors on offer for that day and an assortment of 40 toppings. After you have selected your grub, the content in the cup is weighed and then you are charged accordingly (@ 60p/gm). This concept was brought in by Shervil and Sahil Shah, proprietors of Cravingz who believe that the customer should not lose out on any flavor, just because he cannot afford it. So you can mix and match and have samples of what you wish for with a regular cup costing around Rs. 100.

We settled for a low fat cookies and cream yoghurt with a sprinkling of white and dark chocolate chips, gems and chocolate sticks to go Cravingz Ahmedabadwith it. A dash of fresh orange pieces and rainbow crystals (jellies cut into small cubes) added color to the bowl. Soft yoghurt and crunchy gems with the added slop of the chips was heavenly. The orange pieces added that extra zing. We felt sinful; our stomachs didn’t. To wash the chocolate down, we ordered Bubble tea (Rs. 69 onwards), a cool fruity drink boosted with the goodness of green tea in it; much better than the aerated waters commonly available. Watermelon, Bubble gum, Whiskey and Blueberry are the other popular beverage flavors here, apart from those with fresh seasonal fruits. Hot chocolate is another recommended option.

Our verdict - For a franchise that came up in August 2010, Cravingz has come a long way. It fills the void of a much needed youth hangout in Ahmedabad and already has a set of clientele who seem to visit the place regularly. On our visit, we saw a lot of students from nearby colleges trooping in after class. Seemed like the concept was catching up. Sahil elaborates, “Yoghurt is big in America, where it is seen as a low fat substitute to ice cream. Also it is organic and milk based and not synthetically prepared. India needs yoghurt.” The proof of this perhaps lies in the hordes of youngsters walking in with friends till late in the night either to sit here and eat (space for 20 people) or take away. Parking space is available at this yoghurt joint and people don’t seem to mind hanging out with their cups there as well.

Anytime between - 11 AM – 1 AM

By Tushar Deep Singh

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