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Swanky Cinemax multiplex | Ahmedabad

What you see – For a first timer finding the entrance to Cinemax multiplex located on the top floor of Dev Arc mall, Ahmedabad is painstakingly confusing. Walking past Croma through the service road along S G Highway towards Westside showroom we spotted a wide area resembling the entrance to a parking lot. There was a counter afar with people queuing up for tickets. That’s how we realized that’s the entrance for Cinemax. The confusion doesn’t end there. After collecting the tickets, when we entered Dev Arc mall, the way up was even more confusing with the layout of the escalators chaotic. To top it all, half of them weren’t functioning.

The disappointment ended as we reached Cinemax screens. The foyer here is attractive and well illuminated with marbled flooring. The cafeteria outside provides ample options from popcorn and chaat to sandwiches and boiled corn.

What you get – Cinemax is one of those few multiplexes in Ahmedabad which in spite of the absurd entrance and confusing reach, is swanky. It has four screens with 987 seats for English and Hindi movies.

The movie viewing experience in Cinemax is pretty decent with good acoustic system, plush couches and personalized café service (orders are taken and food is served to your seat) for uninterrupted movie watching.

Cinemax has also launched Red Lounge with luxurious and extremely comfortable reclining seats for which the charges are Rs. 250.  The normal ticket charges start from Rs. 130 onwards.

Our verdict – Go here for the Red Lounge experience. It’s value for money considering the comfort level. If you are visiting this multiplex for the first time, it would be advisable to arrive early as you will lose time finding your way. Besides, it will save you from getting tickets in some corner of the lowest row. Enough parking facility is available in the basement.

By Pooja Nair
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