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Street shopping in Ahmedabad | Ahmedabad

As the sun begins to descend, the roads of Ahmedabad city come alive. Hawkers line up their wares on various streets in the city. People returning from office, evening strollers and avid shoppers hit the streets for some roadside shopping. After all, recession can’t take away the gleam in buying knick knacks at throwaway prices off the street. MetroMela brings you a guide on street shopping in Ahmedabad.  

Jewelry and Bags
Law garden is one of the most popular and frequented places among Ahmedabadis for street shopping.  This street alone has nearly 25 shops Street shopping, Ahmedabadselling ethnic clothes and jewelry at cheap rates. With light bulbs adding charm to the colorful products, there is a bustle of activity around with shopkeepers wooing and shoppers bargaining.

Trendy oxidized jewelry, which can be teamed up with smart outfits in your wardrobe are popular buys out here. Beads, stones and other accessories are available too. You can also find all kinds of bags like shoulder bags, jute bags, handbags and ethnic jholas as uniquely Indian stuff. Looking for matching kurtis, corsets and cotton stoles with these accessories? That’s there too.

For funky footwear at inexpensive rates Nehrunagar on Satellite road is an ideal place to shop. An entire range of footwear bought from major manufacturing centers are stacked on the roads to entice the passersby. Karnavati Pagarkha bazaar near Parimal garden is also a popular place for various kinds of chappals, mojris, sandals, slippers, ballerinas, strappy stilettos and high tie-ups at low prices.   

Walk down the University road and you will find track pants, T-shirts, shorts, denims, skirts, harem pants and various kinds of nightwear, all lined up on the streets. Men can also find T-shirts, belts and cargos for them. This place is mainly frequented by students of various colleges and the university situated in this area.

Teen Darwaja road leading from Bhadra to Patharkuva is situated in the heart of the city. Footwear, readymade garments, plastic items, all kinds of accessories, cosmetics etc are available at cheap rates over here. Anything from a needle to a dagger is sold here. Just name it and you will find it.

But remember in order to crack good deals; you need to master the art of bargaining. Ask for half of the price of what has been quoted by the seller.  So get ready to hit the streets!

Best buys
Beads and oxidized jewelry – Rs. 100-250
T-shirts – Rs. 100-150
Track pants – Rs. 100-200
Bags -  Rs.150-200
Jeans or Cargos – Rs. 150-350
Kurtis – Rs. 100-300
Footwear -  Rs.100-250

By Pooja Nair
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