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Street Food in Ahmedabad | Ahmedabad

Ahmedabadis love food and there’s no denying that. In fact, it’s not just chaat, Chinese and Dosa and Idli stalls that you see in other cities that tickle the taste buds here. Ghatiya, Dalwada, Vada Pav and more are all there for your late night meals. No wonder, an average Ahmedabadi may have dinner at home but will again step out late at night for an after-dinner snack! MetroMela has compiled a list of some of the famous roadside eating joints in the city.

Farsaan and fafda
Apart from being famous for a flourishing street book market under the Fernandes Bridge, Manek Chowk is known for the farsaan (savories) and fafda (gram flour based fried snacks) at Chandra Vilas, which is a more than 100-year old hotel in the old city of Ahmedabad. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel was an avid lover of fafda and jalebi (fried sugary dessert) of Chandra Vilas.  Also, Manek Chowk offers an amazing variety of sandwiches ranging from ice cream sandwich to chocolate and pineapple sandwich. You get amazing kulfis too.  

Street Food, AhmedabadNon-vegetarian
If you have a penchant for non-vegetarian food, then head towards Bhatiyar Gali at Teen Darwaza in the old city. You can spot the narrow alley filled with rows of shops selling mouth watering non-vegetarian delicacies. Fried fish and chicken, Biryani, kebabs, Rogan josh and kheema samosas are a must try. Even a meager amount of Rs. 25 can fetch you satiating food from Bhatiyar Gali.

Juhapura is also a good option for meat lovers. The taste of roasted red Chicken Tandoori, Fried meat and Chicken Dana is something which no swanky restaurant can provide.

Egg Delights
R K Egg Eatery near NID (National Institute of Design) in Paldi has been a famous place since its inception in 1996 with its 250 mouth watering egg recipes ranging from omelets to boiled eggs.

When it comes to new Ahmedabad, Khau Gali, an alley full of shops in Law Garden serves amazing street food including Punjabi, Italian and Chinese Street Food, Ahmedabadcuisine. Of course, Pani puri, Pav bhaji, varieties of boiled corn and chaat are there too and should not be missed.

Chinese and South Indian fare
All around Vastrapur Lake, when the sun begins to descend, a number of mobile laaris (pushcarts) come up in the evening merchandising all sorts of food. Be it any day, these stalls are overcrowded with people savoring the food. You get good Chinese food with Indian flavor from many of these stalls. Apart from Chinese, there are sandwiches, burgers and pizzas. You should also try MBA Masala Dosa, a famous outlet run by an MBA graduate, selling superbly tasty dosas. Don’t miss the kulfis too.

Bhajiyas, Ganthiyas and Dalwadas
Ganthiya Rath near Nehru Nagar crossroads is a well known place for ganthiya (gram flour based fried snacks). There are also other stalls selling chaat and savories. Raipur Bhajia House at Raipur Darwaza in old city is also famous for khaman dhokla (soft and steamed savories made from gram flour and curd) and bhajiyas (fritters).

When it comes to Bhajiya, the outlet outside Sabarmati Central Jail run by the jail inmates is famous too. The appetizing aroma of frying bhajiya reaches you from a distance. People from faraway places throng this place and you are likely to spot a long queue here. The profit gained from this venture is utilized for the welfare of the jail inmates.

Then Dalwadas (fried snacks made from split cheakpea) at New Gujarat Dalwada near Gujarat College, are popular too. You can get a kilo of dalwada for Rs. 120.  

Vada Pav  
If you haven’t had vada pau from R K Vadapav near Vijar crossroads, then you have surely missed out on something. This Indian burger is a must-try.

Municipal market on C G Road opposite Seva Café offers you innumerable food options from chana bhature of Honest to snacks from Choice to bhel puri and sev puri and beverages. You can also sample a variety of ice creams from this place.  Cold Coco from Ashrafi or Shambhu’s coffee bar is something worth trying out too.

Ice golas and Sodas
In love with ice golas? After a hearty dinner, you should definitely head towards Sahajanand college road, where you will get 15 different flavors of ice golas from Kaachi keri (raw mango) to chocolate and kala khatta.

A frizzy soda after a sumptuous meal eases your stomach. Try Gandhi soda shop in Nehru Park near Vastrapur for Sada Soda, Masala Soda, Lemon and Salted Soda or Soda Sharbat. A glass of soda may cost you around Rs 10. There are also numerous mobile carts around Ahmedabad selling such sodas.

Gujaratis are ardent paan eaters. Variants of paan such as meetha, thanda, masala, kalkatta etc. are popular. Ashok Pan House opposite Pakwan on S G Highway is a famous place frequented by the aged as well as youth. A paan here costs Rs. 5 onwards.

Of course, the above are only few of a deluge of eating joints in Ahmedabad. There is always the possibility of discovering newer eateries mushrooming at all crossroads. Since all these joints operate in the evening, it would be a better idea to visit them after 7 PM.

By Pooja Nair
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raj's Review on 03-09-2009

Ms. Pooja if you just move around in ahmedabad the most happening thing,nowadays, is the soda shops.every nook and corner you will get a soda shop with huge gathering of people ranging from chindren to youngsters to oldies. and all these soda shops are using RO water with lots of flavours.please have taste of one which recently opened at nehru park, vastrapur.the name is GANDHI SODA SHOP,with a snap of Gandhiji on the name plate.

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