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Natrani Cafe - Ashram Road

  • Category:Restaurants, Food
  • Type: fast food joints
  • Phone: 27551389 Ext-31
  • Address: Darpana Academy of Performing Arts, Nav Jivan, Usmanpura,
    Ashram Road,
    Ahmedabad - 380013.

Natrani Cafe offers South Indian food, Gujarati food, Italian food and Tibetan food. Set amidst lush green surroundings it is a perfect place to relax and unwind yourself with a cup of coffee and a book. The open air cafe has been unconventionally built with factory wastes like red bricks, tiles, stones and shreds of mirrors.

Editorial Review

Red bricks, broken mirrors, tiles and Kota stone pieces – all these factory wastes have been put to maximum use in the available space in Natrani café inside Darpana Academy in Usmanpura run by Mallika Sarabhai...

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