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Karnavati Pagarkha, a footwear bazaar | Ahmedabad

What you see – Right in front of the vegetable market opposite Mansi Tower, a big board of Karnavati Pagarkha will invite you into the two storied building of Maulik Arcade. Karnavati Pagarkha is located on the ground floor of this building.

With some customers trying out the different pairs of footwear, some negotiating heels with the shopkeeper and others checking out each and every shop in the bazaar before settling for the final one, Karnavati Pagarkha is always bustling with activity.

Pagarkha in Gujarati means 'footwear' and as the name suggests Karnavati Pagarkha is a one stop destination for all your footwear related needs.

What you get – At Karnavati Pagarkha, you will find around 20 shops one after another displaying varied colors and styles of footwear. This is the extension of the same well-known footwear market in Paldi with 20 small shops lined up one after another on the roadside. The only difference here is that instead of the roadside, the shops have been set up inside a building.

The bazaar has shops selling footwear for women, men and kids. But majority of the shops sell women’s footwear. You will find all the latest trends here. If you do not want to burn a hole in your pocket by investing in high-end brands such as Gucci, Puma, Nike and the like, then you can pick up fake brands at very reasonable prices here.

All the shops stock casual, party, ethnic to formal footwear. Flats, flip flops, kitten heels, ballerinas, chappals, wedges, stilettos, pencil heels, platform shoes, sports shoes, pumps, peep toes and cone heels are included in their collection. Also, kolhapuri chappals, jootis and heavily embellished ones, ideal to go with your traditional attire for some special occasion are there apart from simple sandals for formal wear. The prices start from Rs. 200 onwards.

For men, they have leather shoes, leather boots, Oxford shoes, sneakers and chappals. Also, they have little shoes in cutest colors for kids. But the collection is limited to one or two shops. The rest of them are dedicated to women’s footwear.

Our verdict – Karnavati Pagarkha does have a good variety of footwear for women. However, once you get a pair forget about refund or exchange. Yes, you can get them repaired but within a stipulated period. We advise you to get it clarified from the shopkeeper at the time of the purchase itself.  Your bargaining skills will not work here as all the shops in the bazaar sell their products on fixed price basis. The prices are quite reasonable, although you shouldn't expect the footwear to last for long. It is an ideal place for those who like to get new footwear at frequent intervals and don't much care about the brand. Two-wheelers can manage to find a parking space but for four-wheelers it would be difficult here.

Anytime between – 10.30 AM - 10 PM

By Pooja Nair
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