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Homely regional food at Swati Snacks | Ahmedabad

What you see – The name Swati Snacks gives an impression of a small eatery or a snacks counter on the roadside. With that in mind, we visited this restaurant near Law Garden in Ahmedabad only to be taken by surprise. Swati Snacks is too classy, uncluttered and hygienic to be called just a snacks counter.

Wooden benches, steel tables, high ceiling and glass walls letting in plenty of natural light make the place look spacious, bright and airy. Weekends usually bring in a lot of crowd so if you visit during those days in the evenings, you will find people waiting in the veranda outside the restaurant for their turn to dine. A gola (ice candy) counter has been set up here with red, blue and yellow bottles of syrup enticing you to try them out. Flavors like lemon, kala khatta, mint, strawberry and more are served.

What you get – Swati Snacks hails from Mumbai and Amdavadis seem to have welcomed it with open hands too. The restaurant’s menu is very simple. Gujarati, Rajasthani, Parsi and Marathi cuisines are offered here.

Swati Snacks, Dhansak, AhmedabadRoti and gatta nu shak (besan curry), dhokla (soft besan based snack), handvo (a lentils and rice based savory), khichu (rice flour based dish), mung khichdi (green gram based hotchpotch), bataka shak (potato curry), dabka kadi (lentils and besan based curry) and makai bhat (yoghurt curry served with corn rice) are some of the Gujarati dishes served here. Then there is Dal bati, the popular Rajasthani fried/baked delicacy served with lentils, Panki chatni (savory rice pancakes steamed in banana leaf), Sabudana khichdi (a Maharashtrian dish made with sago) and dhansak–bhat (a traditional yummy Parsi dish comprising lentils and rice).

You should try out Dhansak, which is basically steamed rice sprinkled with lots of fried onions. As an accompaniment to the rice, Parsi dal is served. Rich in gravy, the dal tastes good with a tangy tinge. Another dish that we loved here was Mung Khichdi–dahi where the Khichdi comes topped with dollops of dahi and again sprinkled with fried onions. The food was good but almost all their dishes come with lots of fried onions which at times tend to spoil the taste.

If you are visiting it during lunch, go for the thalis consisting of chaat, patra (a leaf wrap sliced and fried), dhokla, papad, chaas, paratha, two vegetable dishes (shak) to go with the paratha or thepla (masala Indian bread), khichdi or rice. For thali, they charge Rs. 200 for adults and Rs. 150 for children and it is available only from 12 PM to 3PM.

You can also try chaat and fast food like Pani puri, Sev puri, Idli chaat, Ragda patties, Batata puri, Vada pav, Palak paneer Frankie, Pizza, Paneer lifafa (mint flavored paneer wrap) and Pav bhaji. Swati also serves South Indian food. You could try Rava onion dosa, Masala dosa, Paper dosa, Mysore dosa, Tomato onion uttapam, Masala uttapam and Idli. However, we’d recommend the other cuisines instead.

In refreshments they have sugarcane juice, sweet lassi, kesar lassi, chaas, coffee and tea. Wind up your meal with their ice creams that come in flavors such as kesar pista, almond and chocolate and so on. Swati’s paan available in a corner outside the restaurant is something you shouldn’t miss. Their melt in mouth maghai paan is the most sought after and sworn by some as the best in town.

Our verdict – Swati’s offerings are the next best thing to wholesome home-cooked food in Ahmedabad. Plus, the food is healthy and made with less oil and spices. You will also get to eat good Parsi and Maharashtrian food here, a rarity in Ahmedabad.

At Swati you do not have to wait long for your food to arrive. The only disappointment is the cutlery. Yellow, small plastic plates are not at all comfortable to eat your food in. The plates are so light that you feel that they will flip over any time. Plus the quantity offered here is not enough to fill your stomach. So order accordingly. If you’re a Jain, you can even request them to make dishes as per your request. Parking space is available. Home delivery is provided within three kilometers radius while catering service is provided only if there are more than 100 people.

What you pay for a meal for two – Rs. 150-200

Anytime between – 12 PM – 10 PM

By Pooja Nair

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