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Gujarati Thali at Dadi Dining Hall | Ahmedabad

What you see - Six years old Dadi Dining Hall is a simple, casual style vegetarian eatery. This no frills place has been done up in the most basic way concentrating only on well, food. The restaurant mostly attracts college kids and businessmen, who are seen working on their laptops even through lunch; absence of wi-fi connectivity thus, is a bit of a dampener.  The eatery is conveniently located and can be easily accessed by guests from old as well as new cities of Ahmedabad.

What you get - Dadi Dining Hall serves Gujarati and South Indian food and also caters to the Jain community with their religious restriction of no onion and garlic.  The place is generally jam-packed. However, here you would find an equal if not more number of non-Gujaratis which speaks very well for the eatery.  
They serve a huge thali with numerous small bowls which they, one after the other, fill with  different food items. The thali gives you a choice of dhokla, patra, samosa or kachori and sweets like gulab jamun, halwa and basundi. All of these items indeed are ‘must try’. They also have two to three veg curries and dal. This list sometimes seems to be endless.  What’s really appreciated are the options available between puri, roti and bhakri.  During the mango season, the Aam Ras they serve here is to die for. Other delicacies that can be sampled here include dal fry, theple, chana masala, chole batura, kadhi rice, etc.  You can also check with them regarding their tiffin service.
Dadi Dining Hall also has a separate banquet area which can be hired for parties of around 150 guests. The very co-operative service team is always happy to assist you with almost all arrangements for your event, be it a wedding, a meeting or a cultural show. 
Our verdict - If you happen to be in the Paldi area, we recommend you try Dadi Dining Hall for its vast variety in Gujarati meals and snacks. All of this is prepared by expert Gujarati cooks, and is quite reasonably priced. Lunch time is extremely busy, so ensure you go early enough to grab a table before the rush hour begins. There are no eating joints in the vicinity which offer you the quality and variety of dishes that Dadi Dining Hall does…. all on one thali. The restaurant does not serve alcohol and is also a no smoking zone. The service during rush hours tends to get a little slow, given the crowd the place receives. Visit Dadi Dining Hall with no expectations and you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Valet parking is available.
What you pay for a meal for two – Rs. 400
Anytime between - 11 AM – 3.30PM
                               7PM - 11PM
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