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Art supplies at Hobby Ideas | Ahmedabad

What you see – Beautiful craft items visible through the glass pane intrigue you to enter Hobby Ideas located on the ground floor of Iscon Mall in Ahmedabad. Children tugging at their mother’s arm can be seen curiously checking out things. The staff in light green attire seems to always be on its toes as customers enquire about various products.

What you get – Hobby Ideas is a place where you can get art and craft products from Pidilite. The store stocks products section-wise for convenience of the customers. There are bead making kits (for making beaded bags), card making kits, clay sets, colorful paper for gift wrapping, photo album books where kids can stick their pictures and paper doll making kits. There are other interesting stuff like My personality quiz diary or My scrapbook for kids where they have interesting questions to answer about themselves. Then there are stickers that can be used on birthday cards as well. In one corner of Hobby Ideas is a circular shaped table called ‘Value Bin’ with cute rubber stamps in all shapes and sizes. These are worth a pick.

Hobby Ideas also has a lot of painting paraphernalia. Acrylic paints, plastic colors, water colors, brushes in various sizes, glitter, oil paints, canvas and more are all available. Then there is a small collection of CDs and DVDs on yoga, poetry and encyclopedia for kids. Books on origami, paper craft, jewelry making and so on are there too. When organizing a kid’s b’day bash, Hobby Ideas is worth a visit as it has masks, gift wrappers, magic candles and other decorative items.

Apart from providing creative products, Hobby Ideas conducts creative workshops in painting, candle making, clay making, scrapbooking and glass painting for kids as well as for adults. The duration ranges from one day to 12 days or more based on the type.

Our verdict – Hobby Ideas is a great place to shop for art and craft products in Ahmedabad. The variety is good and interesting. The staff is cooperative, knowledgeable and patient enough to answer all your queries. Pricing is slightly on the higher side. Visit it with a lot of time in hand. Parking space is available.

Anytime between - 10.30 AM – 8 PM

By Pooja Nair

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